We have the all-new Chevrolet Colorado available at Latrobe Chevrolet in Latrobe, PA with a wide array of safety features meant to keep you safe. Start with learning about the traction control technology that is ultra-modern and is known as StabiliTrak. It is made to help your wheels find the road if ever you lose traction.

You will also find, in the interior, a multitude of airbags throughout and a rearview camera that is connected to the infotainment system. The exterior of this truck also boasts safety features such as the reinforced steel cage that will support any damage before it reaches you.

Optionally, you can receive the driver assistance package that includes alerts for a variety of different potential issues. There are emergency brakes that come on automatically with the forward collision alerts and alerts for departing your lane. There are even sensors at the back of the truck to help you when backing into a parking space or when parallel parking.

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