It's important to recognize when your exhaust is leaking to avoid engine problems and safety hazards. Here are some signs of a potential exhaust leak:

Excessively Loud Exhaust

If your exhaust starts to sound louder than normal, you may have air passing through where it shouldn't. Have a professional inspect your exhaust system to find the cause of the problem.

Check Engine Light On Dash

You should always connect an OBD scanner when the check engine light illuminates on the dash. Your car has sensors that measure the gases coming out of the engine, and a hole in the exhaust headers or exhaust downpipe will alter the values given to the computer.

Smell Of Burned Fuel Inside Cabin

Any time you smell fumes while driving is a bad sign. The smell of unburned fuel could mean you have a hole in the fuel supply system, and the smell of burned fuel indicates a problem in the exhaust system. Don't let that abnormal smell while driving go without being inspected.


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